Exploring With Saroca

The Fishing Boat:fish

Saroca is a versatile fishing boat for both the serious practitioner as well as the occasional family fishing adventure. Because Saroca’s outstanding stability gives the active fly fisherman a safe and secure casting platform it also great for a bunch of worm dunking kids of all ages. With three cockpits there’s more than enough room for a friend or the entire family and their rods, tackle, sweaters, and sandwiches. No worry with a Saroca if the water turns a little choppy, Saroca’s 16″ freeboard can handle it.

Saroca is the economical fishing boat. Row, paddle or use Saroca’s optional outboard bracket for a mall motor to reach your favorite fresh or salt water fishing spots and Saroca draws so little water it can navigate through those shallows or saltwater flats to get you where the fish are really biting.

The Hunting Boat:

If you’re a waterfowl hunter Saroca will get you to your blind, or you can use your Saroca as a huntduck blind, with our optional full camouflage cover and wind dodger. With its ability to carry a 1000-pound load and take an outboard motor, Saroca can easily carry you and a buddy, plus all your gear to the most remote hunting spots. And when you’re there, Saroca’s remarkable stability makes it an extra-steady shooting platform. Moving around Saroca in heavy clothing presents no problem and decoy sets are easy. Its shallow draft lets you hide in thin water marshes. There’s ample room in the hatch-covered fore and aft cockpits for rain gear, decoys, ammunition and some dog food for your Lab.

The Camping Boat:

For family adventures and memorable vacations, Saroca is the most exciting and versatile boat you can own. For quiet lakes, rivers, saltwater coasts and offshore islands, Saroca’s versatility saroca tentlets you enjoy the kind of “get away” camping and boating you like. With a week’s supply of food and camping gear, the Saroca handles the challenge of safely transporting a family to that special far away place. Paddle, sail and motor the Saroca on your next wilderness adventure.