The Boat


For the experienced sailor, the first timer, or the recreational family, Saroca was designed to be both exciting and safe.With its efficient hull shape, Saroca moves through the water in the lightest breeze.

sailwindy1302As a family day sailor, there’s plenty of space in the deep, safe, center cockpit for the kids and the dog.Every Basic Saroca includes all the equipment you will need to sail your boat as an exciting single-hander or a stable and roomy family sailboat. With a mast, boom, sail, rudder, daggerboard and hardware, the only thing you will require is a personal flotation device (PFD) for each sailor in your navy.

For the athletic single-hander, or two-up crews, its trademark hull design lets Saroca accelerate quickly. With its high-lift, foil shaped rudder and daggerboard, the sailing Saroca points high, and “goes like a train” to windward.

For the camping/cruising enthusiast, Saroca has developed a design for an optional cruising-sail and rig, small enough to stow under its deck. Tired of paddling? This rig turns Saroca into a pocket cruiser for poking into those backwaters and coves that provide the memories, which remain with us long after we return home. Hatch covers on the fore and aft cockpits of Saroca provide dry storage compartments for all your camping gear.

“It was clear that Saroca had more stability than we thought. She had been driven hard in rough waters, but when we returned to the float, we found she hadn’t shipped a dollop of water. Saroca is a hot little sailboat, but how would she behave for more sedate sailors? I tried her for myself several weeks later. With winds generally in the 10 to 15 knot range, it was a snap. She was lively and quite manageable.” Jim Brown Small Boat Journal


We ship every Saroca with a set of high quality, utility oars and oar locks which provide you with enjoyable basic water transportation. However that’s just the beginning of the Saroca rowing experience. Add a pair of custom, 8′ spoon-blade oars and feel Saroca respond to their quiet efficient power.

Or, add our full sculling package with sliding seat rowing wing and 9’6″ spoon-blade, row1701Piantedosi, competition oars–for an early morning workout on almost any kind of inland or ocean water.In a few short minutes (and without tools) you can transform Saroca into a sliding seat, sculling rig, which has plenty of room and enough stability so you can take along your coach in the aft cockpit. And unlike many traditional trainers you don’t need calm, flat water to enjoy rowing your Saroca. This boat is great for ocean rowing or rough water training. It maintains its hull speed between strokes and its design provides excellent tracking for straighter rowing. Adventurous rowers have used Saroca for long, offshore ocean passages of more than a 100 miles. This is a tough, safe boat.

Years ago, Community Boating on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts chose the Saroca knowing that its tough construction could handle all day, seven day a week, recreational use. For the first time, the oldest and largest public sailing club in the country could also offer sliding seat rowing to its members.

Saroca is not a single-use racing shell. It offers much more. It’s great for ocean rowing or rough water training. A racing shell is only for training or competition, but my Saroca lets me enjoy the sport with my family.” Gary Piantedosi former U.S. Olympic and Pan American rower and owner of Piantedosi Oars


Family canoeing just couldn’t be any better than in a Saroca. Even filled with excited and energetic kids, Saroca is stable, safe and moves easily through the water. Add two more paddlers on the center seat, and the Saroca really moves.

canoe1601Loaded with enough gear for a week in the wilderness, Saroca is also an excellent expedition canoe. With a load capacity of 1,000 pounds and the sealing hatch covers, your gear will stay dry through even the roughest water and weather.

A Saroca with two-aboard, floats in about 3 inches of water and allows you to explore those farm ponds and everything else, from very small streams and rivers, to shallow ocean flats and Mangroves.

The Saroca seemed to understand where I wanted it to go and moved nicely with little fuss. I was so delighted that I ended up paddling all the way around the island. We paddled about 15 miles that day without strain, and enjoyed ourselves in the bargain.” Dan Weeks
Editor, Offshore Magazine