About Us

The Saroca is an affordable, exciting boat that performs many functions as well as most of its single-use competitors. Whether sailing, rowing, canoeing, fishing or hunting, the Saroca offers outstanding performance and quality.

Saroca was conceived and designed to fulfill the diverse requirements of a high performance, multi-use boat.  Most often, attempts to provide the versatility required in the multi-use boat have relied upon adapting a single-use design with inefficient, afterthought extras.

The Saroca design philosophy recognizes the many different interests of consumers in recreational boating as well as the financial and practical limitations of owning too many boats.  Before Saroca, outdoors people often had to decide on which single-use boat to purchase.  With the Saroca, the choice on which boat to purchase is made easier.

The most startling thing about the Saroca is not that it does so many  things, but that it does so many things well.

The original designer of Saroca was awarded a US patent in 1983, and a registered trademark on the hull’s distinctive shape. The original Saroca company produced about 500 Fiberglass boats in Portland ME in 1984. An original Saroca is still in demand and continues to maintain a high resale value.

An investment group purchased the company in 1992, and a decision was taken to manufacture the Saroca using thermoplastic materials and production line assembly techniques. The second generation Saroca led the small boat industry into the next decade of technical innovation through the structural use of thermoformed plastic for the construction of watercraft.

In 2001, the assets of Saroca Inc. were sold to Saroca Boats of Florida, LLC.   The new company moved production and headquarters to DeLand, Florida.  Saroca Boats of Florida is custom building the boat according to customer needs and wants.  The boat is now produced in fiberglass and composite materials will be available in the future.

In 2013, Sidney Taylor, one of the original owners of Saroca Boats of Florida, LLC, purchased all of the assets and has begun production and service on a limited basis.